How to Make Your Site SEO Friendly?

How to Make Your Site SEO Friendly?

How to Make Your Site SEO Friendly?


As people nowadays engage themselves more in digital marketing, the more they are knowing about Search Engine Optimization. The technique is very helpful as it uses the psychology that a viewer will never go to the second page of any search engine. So, you'll have profit only if your page is on the first page. Though many of the website builders are well aware of SEO methods, while it's time to implement these, many of them accept surrender. Here, in this article, you'll know how to do SEO properly. Both the On-page SEO and Off-page SEO are being described here.
How to Do On-page Search Engine Optimization?

1. Search for Tags
Most probably, you know the importance of research in the digital marketing world, right? Everything is depending upon it. Like tags are one great example. Let's elaborate. Tags are mainly three types- title tag, description tags, and header tags.
●    The title tag is simply the title of your topic. Make it the same as the targeted keywords. The title is the first thing to attract the reader emotionally.
●    Description tags. Before elaborating anything whether it is related to your topic or your site, use targeted keywords as bullets (if possible), and give a short description.
●    Header tags are simply the headings and subheadings, used to define certain topics of the niche.
P.S.- Don't spam the targeted keyword everywhere on your site. First quantities it. Give it only where it is required. Too much spamming may restrict your AdSense approval.

2. Maintain The Structure of the URL
While promoting your page for more traffic usage, the links of your site will be used frequently. Make sure, your link is not too much longer with unnecessary characters, though you are using it as a hyperlink. Use 'Bit-ly' to shorten your link.

3. Use Bread Crumb Structure and Sitemap
These two are different in function but the motive is almost the same. A sitemap is the XML file that will index all links of your site.
While Bread Crumb Structure will act as a navigator for the new visitor of your site. It will help your user to move back and move front in the site. Without proper structure, no one will invest their time on your site.

4. Allow 301 Redirection
It is a method through which your site will keep updating itself. It will automatically switch the new link to the old link.
These are all about on-page Search Engine Optimization.

How to Do Off-Page Optimization?

These are some steps that you need to do for your shake. There is no direct connection to users with it.

1. Enroll Web Directory
Make sure you have enrolled your site and site links to a web directory. This link building formation will give strength and fast response to your site.

2. Create Backlinks
Create Backlinks and submit those respective forums.

3. Give Valuable Contents
Articles, personal blog, videos, and sometimes email marketing keeps your traffic intact. Give your precious time to provide value to your content.

4. Social Media Profile
Nowadays, everyone is on social media. Create a business profile and give the link at the bottom of your site. A good relationship needs interaction, and there is no comparison of social media, in this case.

We hope you'll implement these. See the results!