The Relationship between SEO and Social Media: What You Must Know

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The Relationship between SEO and Social Media: What You Must Know

The Relationship between SEO and Social Media: What You Must Know


I am sure you have already planned to promote your blog posts and links on Facebook, Whatsapp, Reddit, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Some YouTubers and bloggers suggested you go to these platforms, join some groups, and spam the links and posts there, right? Yes, that can be an opportunity but how long? Soon, you'll be kicked out from every group. Some social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, their authority is so strong that they won't think twice about banning your account for 7 or 14 days.

Then what to do?

In this article, you'll know, some amazing facts regarding SEO and Social Media. This information will be very helpful to you if you can follow up.

Do You Know You can SEO Your Social Media?

Yes. Very few people know about this method. Instead of spamming in groups, create a group all by yourself. One better idea is there. Use keywords tags. You can post the image of your content and share the link at a corner to send the traffic to your original post without getting banned. What will be the benefit?

As a modern person, you know, how much people nowadays respect the offers on social media. Social media are becoming a great database. People are searching for information on social media. If you choose the correct keywords, then you'll get huge traffic. Using social media as an SEO platform is an amazing way.

Do You Know You Can Engage Millions of People in a Week?

Yes. You must have seen some ad videos while you were busy watching the latest meme video on Facebook or Instagram? Yes, those ad videos are the next key. Google ads are run by millions of people as it is available at a lower price. But if you invest a little bit more in Facebook ads or Instagram ads, then it can give you high conversion.

Billions of people are engaging in social media. As everything is connected, your ads can reach the targeted persons. It is for sure, social media ads have more reach than Google ads. Use Proper Keywords and tags again and again.

Have You Tried on Other Search Engines?

90% of bloggers are thinking about ranking at the number 1 page of Google. But why only Google? Expand your thinking more as you are doing business. Google is connected to all social media, it is great. But all socials are connected to Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing and others.
So, choose your social media as a promoting platform. And spread your ads over Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, and so on. More the crowd, more the business.


These are all about the relationship between social media and SEO . Very few sites will give you information like this one. Engage yourself in all social media platforms. Make a business profile on all platforms. Apply it, you'll get your success very soon. All the Best!