What to Avoid While Making The Site SEO Friendly?

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What to Avoid While Making The Site SEO Friendly?

What to Avoid While Making The Site SEO Friendly?


Making the site SEO friendly is the dream of all bloggers and digital marketers. However, everything is time-consuming. If you are reading this article and have planned to build a site then here are some important words for you. 'Never Give up on your hope and Never get too much Hasty to have a high traffic source.' Many bloggers and YouTubers get demotivated when they are not getting good traffic on their site. These processes are time taking. Keep this in your mind. If you try to do anything stupid, then there is a huge chance that Google will ban your account, and your site and will rank far behind the front page.

If you don't wanna make this happen, then remember the points we are going to discuss below. These 'Don'ts' will help you to secure your page.

What a Blogger Mustn't Do with His Site?

Avoid Unnecessary Links

Suppose, you are writing a blog on meditation. You are giving all the valuable points as a reference. You have provided an excellent service through the blog. But you have included an affiliate link regarding making money online, randomly on the page. Google will read it and will remove the link along with the page. Sometimes, they delete the site too. There is no point giving unnecessary links on-site rather it will take into consideration spamming. Try to be specific.

Use Proper Keywords

A keyword analysis is very important to rank your page, it is known to all. However, researching the keyword and placing it properly also decides whether your site will be ranked on the very first page or not. If you use the wrong keywords, then the Google algorithm will catch it and remove your page from the first page of Google.

Don't Spam the Keywords

Choosing a high-volume keyword is necessary, but spamming it everywhere on the site is a penalty according to Google laws. Even if you use keywords too much in the meta description part, it is still considered a wrong move.

Don't Involve Yourself in 'Free for All' Trap

Some sites are demanding to give you high profit if you add those links to your site. As they are providing these free of cost, many bloggers choose these. But don't make that mistake by yourself. These links can contain viruses and Google may delete your site instead of sending it low-rank pages. So, be aware of it.

Avoid Wrong Backlinks

There are so many sites on the internet world that are spamming their links as backlinks. New bloggers often choose those as a good option. But if those links are already being too much on the Internet, it may harm your ranking. Gather information before engaging yourself in the wrong backlinks.


These are all about the mistakes you must avoid while selecting SEO. Also, no matter what they say, PBN or PERSONAL BLOG NETWORK works. And it works GREAT!